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Onwards on the Adriatic Coast

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Another early start awaited us which seemed to be the only constant certainty in this trip, but just like the rest of the group I didn't mind one bit. There was still so much to see in one week, the earlier we left, the more we could do some touristy things.

With once again a yummy breakfast behind our teeth and our luggage safely inside the bus, we left Crikvenica behind us. The sun was shining and the water which I now knew was freezing but looking so tempting as the day before, made for a nice companion along the way.


This tour is really organized with not too much free time on our hands unless in the evening, but for once I didn't mind the lack of free time. I was just so happy to be traveling again that going with the flow was just the thing I needed at this moment. Soaking up all the beautiful sceneries and vistas we already encountered during this road trip was more than I could think of. I must admit that I already heard some good things about the country, but now seeing it with my own eyes makes it all the better. Croatia really is a beautiful country and I am only here for 3 days. It got me really spellbound.

It must have been an hour into the drive when we had our first stop of the day at the little fishing village of Senj. Not so much a touristy village, we just stopped to have a cup of coffee and a toilet break, but the ones interested could have a quick peek at the centre of town.

Since I didn't mind getting up early in the morning, I must admit that my eyes weren't all that ready to do a lot of sightseeing, so I just relaxed at one of the terraces with a few other members of our group while gazing at a few seagulls looking for something to eat. Just as us humans they need a good start of the day as well.

Half an hour later, we were back on the road again, full direction towards Zadar. Since we had a few hours of driving ahead of us, we had more than enough time to look at the many beaches and coves we were passing through along the drive. More than once I thought I was going to see Jack Sparrow popping up or even Blackbeard. I don't know what it is, but you don't need the Caribbean when thinking of pirates when you are driving down the coastline of Croatia, that's for sure!

We arrived at the coastal city of Zadar almost at noon, so as soon as Daniel found a place to park, we were out of the bus and dropped into the unknown of this rather big coastal city. The one thing you noticed as soon as you arrived at the historic part of the city were the immensely thick city walls.


Paul told us already that through the ages this city was attacked, looted, bombed and all the other things you can imagine to conquer this city, but somehow it came out stronger and better looking each time. During the Venetian period its current name sticked to it since apparently Zadar comes from the Venetian word Zara. Totally no clue what that means, I must admit when you enter the gates of the city walls, you forget all about the name coz the historic city is that darn beautiful.

As we entered the city, there was a wide slippery sandstone street that lead up towards such a beautiful square which is called people's square or if you can talk a bit Croatian, it is called Narodni trg Zadar. Talking about a tongue twister!

We were going to meet up with a local guide a little after 1 PM, so that meant we had a bit of free time to go and find something to eat. Not in the mood for an elaborate meal, me and a few others just skipped the nice looking restaurants at the square and went on the search for a local bakery where we quickly enough found yummy looking sandwiches and something sweet to eat as well. As soon as we all got our goodies, we walked towards a beautiful looking square and on the steps of a more than old building, we found the ideal spot for our quick lunch.

As soon as our tummies were filled, we met up with the rest of our group again and our local guide of which her name escapes me, but she did do her best to guide us trough the small ancient city centre, talking about the roman period while walking through the Roman forum with its remnants, making sure we pass the beautiful courthouse and jail and of course not missing out on the numerous churches, cathedrals and monasteries only to end up at the promenade of the old city which houses a Sea Organ! This manmade wonder makes all kinds of strange sounds while waves are hitting it and it is kind of fun. The place makes you wanna sit there and listen to the voice of the sea. It is just that crazy!


With a bit of free time on our hands, I looked up the Five Wells Square which sounded so intriguing to me. It wasn't that far and hard to find them and although not many people would have looked them up, I found it more than interesting that a whole population counted on drinking and washing water coming from this cistern.

Thinking of water made me thirsty with the sun shining that high in the sky and I soon found myself on a terrace again for a quick drink and even passing loads of ice cream shops a tad later on, made me do the right thing and I went for 2 scoops of the one thing that is infamous for this region and I like so much, the maraschino cherry!

Since it was too hot for a liqueur, I just went for the next best thing and it didn't disappoint at all. Man talking about a delicious treat!

Once back at the harbor, I quickly found our bus and the rest of the group again and while we still waited for a few to show up, I had lots of fun watching a little boat going up and down the water bringing people from one end of the harbor to the other. Quickly I learned it were the boatsmen of Zadar, an ancient tradition going from father to son, from one generation to another. Nice to see that modern age don't get in the way of real ancient traditions.

With all 25 of us present, we were back on the road again for our last stretch of the day. We were going to spend the night at Biograd na Moru, a Dalmatian seaside resort and with the sun still shining upon our arrival, needless to say as soon as I dropped of my luggage, I went towards the sea to dip my feet into the water. Unlike my previous experience, I must admit that the water was still cold but more agreable than the day before. One of our group members decided to do something brave and went for a swim.

As soon as my feet were dried, I had another stroll through town only to end up at our hotel again and met up with a few ladies of our group and decided to have a drink before dinner. the sun was still shining, the wine was cold and delicious, what more can I ask for ... not even mentioning that dinner which followed soon after was more than yummy as well. This day was more than remarkable with so many nice memories and I could wait for a new one to start!

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Hi, Ils! Thanks for your interesting story! ~ Keep well!~

by Vic_IV

Thanks Vic, how are things? Have to catch up reading your adventures as well!

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