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A visit to The Pearl of the Adriatic

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Today we had an early rise and shine since we were going to visit the most known city in the whole of Croatia, known as The Pearl of the Adriatic, the city of Dubrovnik, I guess is the most known city of the country to a whole lot of people thanks to the popular series Game Of Thrones. I must admit, I never saw GoT and since a few people in our group got really excited, maybe I should start and watch it once I get back home. Maybe it is a good idea for the upcoming winter months. Just a thought!?!

Anyways, once we were all up and about, had a bit of food in our stomach, we were ready to tackle the day and onwards to Dubrovnik it was. We left Gradac behind us and drove straight into the direction of the Bosnian border. Yep, to me it was a big surprise as well, never thought of going to that country but apparently in order to get to Dubrovnik, the fastest way is to cross another country. Must I say that I wasn't complaining at all since I wanted to know what that country was all about.


Once we left the coast behind us, we entered the marshland of the country and it is nice to see all the little canals and the green patches in between. And with it, also comes the birdlife. I am not a real expert on this department, but it is nice seeing all the little critters flying in the sky.

We drove about a little more than an hour when we finally reached the border. Getting through was just a peace of cake, no long waiting lines at all, so you definitely saw that high season hadn't started yet. In not so many words, this meant we were some lucky bastards and hopefully Dubrovnik wasn't overcrowded as well, something our guide Paul was much afraid of.

Not that we had a care in the world coz as soon as we crossed the border we were looking at all the sceneries outside only to find out that they were just the same as Croatia. What would it otherwise have been! :)

We arrived at Neum on the Bosnian side about 20 minutes later for a quick toilet and coffee break. Although it was but a simple roadside café, it could host large groups and the views outside on the newly build bridge by the Chinese was the sight of the day to see. According to the locals, it was finished and in a few months time it should be opened for business. Till that time, we had to use the old method and cross the borders but I could see on the faces of the Bosnian locals, they rather left it the old way just because they are afraid tourism is going to bits.

I don't know what the future holds, but I hope they can enjoy the tourism life as long as possible. Only time will tell of course!


Back on the road again, we arrived at the old town of Dubrovnik at about noonish. Upon our arrival at the infamous city, we already saw 3 major cruise ships, so goodbye peace and quiet and welcome to all the hustle and bustle of the tourism business!

Our tour guide for a quick tour around town was Branco and he was already waiting for us at the Pile Gate, the main entrance to the walled city and although the old town here was a bit bigger than the one yesterday, we still had a feeling that we were walking insight a matchbox, but a more than beautiful one.

Dubrovnik really is a Pearl with so many authentic narrow streets where you can wonder through. There are churches, museums, the main street with shops, markets, places to relax and enjoy the sun and of course there were the city walls as well. High on my list of visiting since everyone back home was talking about it, so as soon as we thanked Branco for his wisdom he shared with us during the last hour, I hurried to a local bakery to have a quick bite to eat. We had a few hours of free time on our hands and I wanted to make the most of it.

My initial idea was to go up the walls as quickly as possible, but during our walk Branco reminded us to visit one special place called The Memorial Room of Dubrovnik Defenders where you can find photographs of all Dubrovnik defenders who perished in the Croatian War of Independence. It is mind-blowing to say the least. It is but one tiny room with all the pictures of the young men who perished while defending their home. Unbelievable and more than once it took me back to the current war in the Ukraine. It seems that mankind will never learn. Why must we always want more and more and aren't we happy with the things we have. It is just me asking this and sadly enough I can't give it an answer.


Still a bit silenced by the things I saw and learned I must admit I was glad to be in the warmth of the city again. There was a certain chill inside and somehow I was glad to be out again.

As I walked slowly to the entrance for the walls I met up with a few people of our group and together we tackled the walls and what a sight it was. Gone were the gloomy dark thoughts and in with the beauty and the joy of being a tourist in such a beautiful place. Can you blame us, the views were just that amazing.

The walls are certainly a must when visiting the city coz down there you can see the beautiful buildings but high up, the rooftops are a world on its own.

Once we got back down again, we found ourselves a nice enough place for a drink and seeing what hardships we went through, I treated myself to a delicious ice cream cone. Yep, times are tough when you are on holiday!

It must have been almost 5 PM when we left the city behind us and on the road again it went for a more than 2.5 hour drive back towards Gradac.
This time mr. Sandman came sooner than prepared coz I slept almost the entire route, even when we crossed the border with Bosnia again, I guess the too many impressions got to me.

As we arrived back into the hotel it was already dark, so no walk on the beach this time. Instead I just went up into my room to freshen up and have pre dinner drinks with my newly found friends and just as the day before we had a more than enjoyable evening wondering what tomorrow will bring.

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